The Pilo Family Circus

Right, be prepared for swearing.

Fuck me, this is a really fucked up mess of a book. In an extremely good way. I loved it!

So, this one is from the Aurealis Award for best horror list of the genre busting challenge. Not something I would normally choose to be honest, mainly because it is not in my zone, but I have loved it and may well investigate some more of them!

Example from the first page:

What immediately disturbed Jamie was the look in the clown’s eyes, a bewildered galze which suggested the clown was completely new to the world, that Jamie’s car was the very first it had ever seen. It was as though it had just hatched out of a giant egg and wandered straight onto the road to stand as still as store mannequin, its flower shirt tucked in at the wasit, barely holding in a sagging belly, arms locked stiff at its sides, hands bunhced into rat round fists stuffed into white gloves. Sweat patches spread out under both armpits. It started at him through the windshield with ungodly boggling eyes, then it lost interest and turned away from the vehicle that had nearly killed it.

I know, clowns, right!

This story grabbed me by the throat and dragged me through from the very start – Jamie basically gets shang-heid into joining a really screwed up circus, which exists in a parallell world. Violence (really, very violent violence) is involved and a dark, macabre story follows. So. Fucked. Up.

This is a début novel from this author and I cannot wait to see what else he will do. I will also investigate other books from this award.

The Pilo Family Circus – Will Elliott


One thought on “The Pilo Family Circus

  1. Antara says:

    Hmmm – that sounds really good!

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