It’s not a compliment

Ok, so when you cycled passed me shouting something I just kept my headphones on and carried on walking.When you cycled back and started talking to me as you cycled along side me I took my headphones out as I could see you talking.

‘i just wanted to say you are really attractive’, ‘thanks but I’m not interested I replied. You carried in cycling alongside me.

Yeah, thanks I’m not interested, go away

But I’m a DJ

…by this point I am walking under a bridge, with a brick wall on one side, railings on the the other and he is still cycling behind/alongside me and talking to me. I am not in a good part of London, it is dark and I cant go anywhere to escape. This is not a compliment, this is harassment, my natural instinct would be to shout at him and tell him to fuck off, but as I have got older I have got slightly more sensible.

I didn’t put my headphones back in as I wanted to hear if his tone changed as an early indicator of the situation getting worse. At that point he decided to start cycling away and shouted ‘are you married then’ I replied yes and he said ‘ok then’ and left.

Now I am that his in his head he was just paying me some attention and giving me a compliment. all women like that, right?

No, we don’t, especially at night in the dark, when we can’t cross the road to get away from you, it is not the busiest street in the world and there is no one around. This is harassment, clear and simple, you approached, I said I wasnt interested. At that point you leave, you do not cycle back or cycle alongside me continuing to make approaches. This is harassment, not a compliment.




One thought on “It’s not a compliment

  1. EcoYogini says:

    ohhhh that is scary. you handled yourself well- i would have either shouted or been really awkward and not very firm.

    i agree- when violence against women is a very real possibility it isn’t ok.

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