Boho Bride

When I was planning my wedding I would spend ages looking at various sites such as Rock n roll bride etc. And more often than not I would end up crying because I am just not that cool or funky to have such a wedding as that.

In the end I removed all wedding related blogs from my RSS feed because they just depressed the hell out of me. I did it all with lots of talks with my now husband, my mum and the support of friends and some wonderful suppliers. And I held true to my beliefs of what I wanted a wedding to be- or at least, learnt to discuss, negotiate and compromise.

Imagine my shock when my photographer asked if I would like to share my story with Boho Bride? And that she wanted to feature it on her site because it was so unusual. So here it is.

Oh the irony, I am that cool and funky. And when will I ever get over needing to meet other people’s approval!

So there you go, lots more pics and some more details of my story if you are even vaguely interested! And more on my amazing photographer’s site. If you need a photographer for anything in Essex/Cambridge I highly, highly recommend her. 


One thought on “Boho Bride

  1. Jen, thank you so much for your kind words! You are beautiful, individual (Just as you should be) and just as cool and funky (if not more so) than all of those brides. It was an absolute pleasure and delight to capture your unique day and to work with you and Gavin. Thank you for choosing me 🙂

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