Is pretty much how I am feeling at the moment and somewhat wondering if I am suffering from SAD. I have an ear infection at the moment (although pretty much over it now), so I have been pretty much getting ill, ill, or getting over being ill since November. It is getting a tad tedious to say the least.

Although I have realised this is possibly because I am trying to do far too much and not physically relaxing at all. So I have decided to give myself a break, I don’t have to post witty, insightful posts here twice a week, no-one is making me. I don’t have to complete all of the reading challenges that I stupidly set myself when I have some hardcore reading to do. Doing a Masters is bloody hard work actually and there is TONS of reading, let alone working on top of it and then challenging myself to read more!

I am not good at physically relaxing, and so on the suggestion of a friend I am thinking of going back to yoga to help my poor, stressed body to relax. But I am not doing that until the Mindfulness course has finished. One thing at a time.

I am also not going to train for a triathlon, or start outdoor swimming/racing this year. Nor am I going to enter all of the races that I had marked into my diary. But I am going to do the silly notorious nights one and then the Royal Parks half marathon at the beginning of October.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day, and the OH was away on business, so I ordered a pizza, ate an entire garlic pizza bread by myself and watched two no brain requried films in the dark, just by candle light.

Why don’t I do that more? Just lie in candle light, so much nicer than electric lights.

I have also started to get into audiobooks, they are wonderful, reading without the actual reading part. Which quite frankly is too much for me at the moment, I picked up a book I was looking forward to the other day and I just could not read it, I had read too much about entrepreneuralism to even read another word. So I will listen to an audiobook by candle light.

So, basically, a programme of TLC has to be implemented at the moment in order to stop me feeling overwhelmed and to just relax.

Oh, and we have also been featured in Off Beat Bride, which I find totally shocking, as this was the uber-cool website that I spent most time crying over as I just wasn’t that cool. Turns out I am and we just had a wedding which suited us, whatever cool blogs said. LOL


3 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. The OH says:

    Told you so. You are soooo much cooler than you think you are.

  2. EcoYogini says:

    OMG!!!!(ess)!! LOVE the purple shoes, and the dress and the broom and the TREE! it is beautiful. LOVE. 🙂

    And how cute is it that your hubby commented as ‘The OH’??

    Also- Yes on taking a step back. I hope you feel better soon!!! (ear infections suck).

  3. LOL, everyone on there seems to like the shoes, it took serious amounts of phone calls to head office to get them in my size!

    I totally stole your tree idea and I am so glad we did, we have it framed now and it looks awesome!

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