Inspirational Plan B

I am greatly inspired by Plan B at the moment, a British hip-hop rapper.

I don’t want to talk much about what he is saying, because he says it so much better than I ever could. However, I will say that I love him ‘each one teach one’ message and I have emailed him to offer my services. I haven’t said much on here about starting my new business, but part of what I want to offer is working with 14-18 year old boys (in particular) who have been kicked out of school, using story telling, drama, literacy and business techniques to get them to focus on a positive future for themselves.

I have been told by a group of 14 year old boys that they want to become drug dealers as this is the only way that they will get any respect in their lives. Where I live I go into the town centre and I hear parents calling their kids (who are in a buggy) “you fucking c*nt”, “you idiot”, “you are useless/waste of space” etc. etc. It is heart breaking. Are those kids going to grow up to do well in their GCSEs, get a good job? No. They are going to feel useless, feel like they are a failure and will not attempt anything for fear of failure. The chances are they will start to lash out at those around them and before you know it we have riots. Oh wait. We already had them.

Plan B is talking these kids language, and is also able to communicate very well with middle England. Here is his latest video, him talking to Radio1xtra and finally at a TEDx in England.

Enjoy and I hope it motivates you to do something. And yes, I have emailed him to offer to work with him company.


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