Women in marathons

Well, I signed up for a marathon this week – the Brighton marathon, which is happening next April, so a year to train!  I will be doing it for either Cancer Research or Mind, depending on which one I am allocated to, both are important to me.

I am very excited and very scared, all at the same time!

However I was surprised to see this article today – first from Spikes and Heels and then more detail at the BBC.

The city of Boston is staging its annual marathon. Kathrine Switzer became the first woman to officially run the race 45 years ago, despite stewards trying to physically force the 20-year-old off the road. Here she recalls how a female runner caused such a fuss.

Anything long like 800m, or even longer, God forbid, was considered dangerous, de-sexing and de-feminising for a woman

Anyone else completely and utterly shocked by this? It is only forty five years ago, just 12 years before I was born. I am totally surprised. They actually tried to attack her. I got really rather emotional reading this story, but maybe that’s just me – watching the London Marathon makes me cry and when I finish a race I find it rather hard not to burst into tears.

Now of course we have amazing women runners like Rosie Swale-Pope, Paula Radcliffe, Jane Tomlinson,  and all the Ultra running women of this article.  Not to mention the Triathlete (one day…one day for me!) Liz Blatchford.

So, a big thank you to Katherine Switzer, I cannot imagine not being allowed to run.


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