The many things that I like to do

Now, I have always liked to do many, many things. And quite frankly it does my OH’s head in. He has had the same hobby since, well childhood, whereas if you have followed this blog you will have seen SOME of the different things that I have tried out. In that sense we are very different and I know that it unsettles him, but for me, it is how I am.

During the course of my Masters we are always being introduced to new ideas, jobs within the arts and other things. Now, quite often I think ‘oooh, I want to do that’, when I have already decided that I am setting up my own business.

I described it to someone as the idea of of OOOOH SHINY, SHINY!! I feel like I have been plagued with it. My tutor at uni told me I should find a way to think of this positiviley, rather than negatively. On my way home I thought about this a lot and then I remembered that I had just picked this book  up from the library the day before.

What do I do when I want to do everything

This is What do I do when I want to do everything? by Barbara Sher. Now, I know it looks like a crappy self help book, but I reserved it for a reason, even though I can’t remember where I saw it first. It is GOOD!!! I read it very quickly and was full of excitement about the whole thing. I loved it so much. It talks about the concept of a Scanner and how we are not flighty, uncommitted or anything else, it is just a different way of working.

It reminded me why I have set up my own business, so that I am able to run my days as I chose and do lots of different things.

It gave me loads of great tools, which just made sense to me, to the extent that I started straight away making different tools and organising ways for me to keep my ideas.

Scanner tools

More than anything though, it has not made me feel like a freak for working the way that I do, but rather this is just how I am.

It was great! If you find yourself wanting to do lots of different things pick up this book from your shop or library, I guarantee you will not regret it.


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