Meditation and space

I am really very lucky in that I have a dedicated space for an altar in my house. It is snuggled into a cranny between a wall and the chimney breast upstairs in the study. When I first moved in with my OH we spent a long time thinking of where I could set up a little space for me.

The altar itself is a wooden chest on legs that I picked up from the roadside in London for about £20, it is perfect, I can store anything I am not using in it! The cushion is left over from my first uni days *cough 15 years ago cough*. What makes it particularly great, is that immediately behind where I sit I have my bureau, so it really does feel like a secluded area. As I said, I know that I am lucky to have this, but for me it really helps.  It is only 1.5 meter long by under a meter in width, but it is my space that no one else is allowed to touch.

secluded away

Just settling into the space signals to my body and mind that it is a spiritual time, for meditation, prayer or ritual.

My altar is pretty bare compared to most Pagans, and it does alter from time to time, but I have to say it pretty much remains empty. A candle to help me focus (and it allows me to turn out the lights and not fall over anything else in the room between the light switch and the altar), a picture of me and my husband, to remind me to give thanks on a daily basis, a beautiful hare meditation ball and a simple pentacle. That is it.

rather bare altar

I am feeling at the moment that I would like something representing the Goddess and God on it, but only when the right thing comes along. To be honest I do have my eye on something, but I would like to see it in person before I buy it.

So, there you go, I feel like I have stripped naked to you all for some reason, I suspect that it is because this is a really private space in the real world and that it shows my non paraphernalia approach to Paganism. I really do get quite an inferiority complex about this at times, but other times I know that it is my path and I should stop comparing myself to others.

How about you – what is your space like?


3 thoughts on “Meditation and space

  1. EcoYogini says:

    oh i totally need an altar- and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your bare essentials approach. The ‘cluttered’ busy feel of ‘typical’ pagan altars has never appealed to me.
    you have inspired me- it’s time to set something up (that won’t get knocked off by the cats lol)

    • I really think that altars are very personal and for me that is a cut back bare essentials. Although I think that is often why I think that I am not ‘pagan’ enough as I rarely buy pagan stuff and my house is not all pagany. I realise that none of that matters, but occasionally it does get into my head

  2. I love your meditation space! I found a comment you left on my blog awhile back and wanted to let you know that, yes, my book is now available in the UK on Amazon, but not with a publisher there yet! ^_^! I wish you much peace and happiness with your meditation!

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