Like many people I feel like I am permanently connected – I have my personal mobile, with access to the internet, my new business phone, computer, tv etc, etc. I find it quite stressful and yet I continue to check into my various email accounts, Facebook, Twitter far too often etc. It is quite exhausting.

I am in the process of tweaking my schedule so that I develop one which is right for me and means I don’t check emails until much later in the day. Rather than exercising first thing I am using that time for my creativity, studying, writing for me or my business clients. I set a timer, check my email and internet sites and then go back to writing for a period of two hours. Then I exercise, have a relaxed and healthy lunch and then spend more time on emails, calls and other things. So, far it is working well for me, but I know that I will need to continue to change this as I figure it out for me. I am lucky to be able to do this as I am still studying for my MA, but also setting up my own business. I am not being run by my connectedness and making a conscious decision when to be connected.

However, as of tomorrow I am off on a mini retreat – I am going to Devon to stay in my mum’s caravan and have four whole days by myself. I will not be taking a single internet device with me, I will put my SIM card into an old phone so that I can talk to my OH as needed, but no email! No internet! I will be taking my laptop so that I can maybe write, or not. Listen to audiobooks or not.

I will be taking books which are not related at all to my course, I will be taking notebooks and coloured pens so that I can think, doodle and express myself. I will take my running & swimming gear, as well as a knitting project which is taking forever and a new one, which, according to the pattern anyway, is a short project.

Rather unsurprisingly it looks like rain, so I will spend my time chilling out, meditating and thinking by ย myself and probably just sheltering in the caravan.

I am greatly looking forward to it, a significant period of time on my own, with my thoughts and a retreat from the distraction of the internet. It’s my idea of bliss – is it yours too?


4 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. armaitus says:

    Being online is one of those addictions that I find hard to shake. If I could be wired directly into the net via neural connection – I would be.

    But I find it intrusive and stressful; and yet I continue to keep myself online. I choose to do so despite the harm it seems to cause me. I think that fits into “addiction” – but I have an addictive personality.

    Work contact me constantly, in and out of work hours. I get a subsidy towards my phone bill to justify this but it is just the wrong side of being on call for my liking.

    I receive personal and work emails and even my hobby has started to encroach 24/7 – Saturday being the worst yet with me replying to people about a LARP event at 3.30am (OK Diablo 3 had something to do with that as well).

    The only retreat I get is the LRP events themselves. It’s incredibly bad form to keep a mobile device on during an event. Furthermore, most smartphones don’t have the stamina to keep powered up in a field over a 5 day period ๐Ÿ™‚

    So at least 4 times a year, I go through an enforced abstinence. I only get withdrawals if I think about it, which – to be fair – I rarely do… LRP is immersive and helps take your mind from the day to day.

    I have been reprimanded in the past. Servers have died whilst I have been fighting the undead in a field – unresponsive to the calls, texts and emails from my boss. That has lent a sense of dread to the end of every LRP weekend.

    Am I going to switch my phone on to a torrent of abuse and/or requests for aid?

    Do I actually care about these missed calls? More and more these days the answer is “No”. Everybody deserves a rest/break/respite.

    I think you’re onto a winner – 4 days of peace and calm.

    I’m actually going the other way for my meditation. I’ve recently invested in an EEG/neural link device to monitor brainwaves… I have plans for relaxation cyber style ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think being on-call all of the time is very bad for one’s soul, as is being online all the time.

      I have taken to switching off my computer at the end of my working day and not turning it back on again. OK, so I can access the internet via the iPad, but I don’t lose hours to that in the same way that I do the computer.

      Good for you for turning it off totally for LARPing, I used to do the same for re-enacting, not least because you are not allowed it on while there are public about and also because, as you say, the battery life does not last. But I understand about the dread of turning it back on.

      I was going to say, could there not be a rota of staff for being on-call, but I assume if it were possible to do that you would have already done so. But it is just not fair to expect you to be available 24-7.

      • armaitus says:

        There’d have to be other staff who were skilled for their to be a rota ๐Ÿ˜‰

        That’s the problem with small businesses, they run from the soul energy of a very small workforce.

  2. EcoYogini says:

    i hope you are having a fabulous no-internet time!!!
    i can’t wait to be sans internet connection (next week from wed-mon!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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