B is for bag

My niece’s third birthday has recently been celebrated and she loves putting things in bags, taking them out of bags and putting them back in again. So I thought I would make one for her.

I admit I cheated and bought the basic bag – I don’t know how to felt as yet and I would like to, but there seems to be a huge start up cost associated with it and I can’t justify it at the moment until I know if I will like it. I need to find a friend who does it and have a go on theirs.

Anyway, aside from that I had all the materials already. I say that like there is a long list of them, there isn’t as you will soon see.

I thought I would attach bells as I know that my sister will love her daughter to have a noisy thing (I am such a great Aunt!). Bells seems to suit B’s personality. Then I thought I would make a big swirly B to go on it – these are beads.

B is for bag

By all accounts she seems to like it and enjoys hanging it off of her bike handles. A girl after my own heart, she likes purple, so her purple bag is on her purple bike, with a matching purple bike helmet! One of my favourite photos of her is when she insisted at age 1 that she wear my purple glasses, purple coat and purple trainers. Needless to say everything is far too big for her, but she loved it!


2 thoughts on “B is for bag

  1. EcoYogini says:

    oh it is so cute!!! LOVE it 🙂

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