The Slipping of Green

This is a confessional post and I hope that you listen to me with forgiveness in your heart.

The truth is my greenness has more than slipped of late. I used to be completely no poo, but when I was growing my hair for the wedding it got quite long, when I was running my hair started to sweat quite heavily and I started using a conventional shampoo again to protect the colour as I was washing it so much. The problem is now that I don’t know as if I can go back to no poo, because of the running and lots of sweating, but also because I swim a few times a week, and I am not sure that the no poo will cut through the smell of chorine and also the damage that it does to my hair (turning it into straw if I am not careful).

Does anyone else swim and not use shampoo? I would like to hear your tips.

I realised that there was a slipping of green when I was rushing around the supermarket and put three plastic bottles into my basket without thinking about it. One shampoo/conditioner for swimming, a shower gel for swimming and another for home. But I have home-made soap ready to go. Admittedly my last batch of soap was not that great – I tried a recipe without palm oil (because I only found out how bad it was after the first batch of soap). Why have I not used that soap, or at least made a new batch that is better?

Well, as usual there is the old excuse of time, but I don’t think that cuts it on this occasion, I should have prioritised.

I also got caught up in reading the wrong thing, I started following a well-known beauty columnist here in the UK and she recommends all sorts of products. I joined the Facebook group and got suckered into believing a whole range of things which I didn’t before – I needed this, I needed that. So I bought myself one of her beauty hero products – a moisturiser, because I do have dry skin. Another plastic bottle. And shall I read you the ingredients?

Aqua, Glycerin, Isononyl Isononanoate, Dimethicone, Cycloptensiloxane and the list goes on full of horrible, horrible ingredients that I just can’t pronounce.

Why did I stop making my own products – full of natural ingredients, rather than polysyllabic nonsensical words? Yes, not all of them turned out brilliantly and maybe I had to wait three minutes to get dressed afterwards as they did not absorb so well, but I enjoyed the making process and the sense of satisfaction from making my own things.

This really shows the power of the media, even on those who are aware of its powers and are trying to resist it. So now I have stopped reading the columns, unsubscribed from the Facebook group and feel a lot happier because I no longer feel like a failure for not using four products on my face before I leave the house and I can’t afford this or that. Or start thinking, well maybe I should be able to afford that, maybe I should start to put some of my money towards that £20 face product that I do not need.

I also watch a lot more TV than I used to do, when I lived on my own I didn’t have a TV and now we do. Although we Sky+ a lot of the programmes that we actively watch (waaaah, Game of Thrones has ended), we do have a tendency to slump in front of it at times and just watch whatever junk is on and obviously some the advertising has snuck though my brains. So, new plan, only watch TV that I am actively ‘watching’ rather than just staring at in a semi-comatose state.

I am now making more of an effort to read blogs of people who are like me, I am going to use up the products I have, rather than just throwing them away and thinking ahead I have planted some medicinal herbs so that I can be more creative in my hubbly, bubbly as I call it when I brew up my own products. I am planning ahead so that I can buy the bits that I need one product at a time and I am actively saving interesting recipes that I come across on the internet. And when my shampoo runs out I am going no poo again, and we shall see what happens with the sweat and chlorine.

I think that has shown that you have to be vigilant against all of these things and it is very easy to slip back into old habits, that it is an active, ongoing decision to be made, with intent and focus.


One thought on “The Slipping of Green

  1. EcoYogini says:

    oh, i don’t know why i missed this!

    yes- me too i had a few moments these past few weeks. It’s been SO hot here lately (30-34 degrees) and we just don’t want to cook… so boxed food it is. ew.
    also- i just can’t make the switch to eco-friendly shampoo or no-poo. i am too vain w my hair- so no judgement there.

    I have been wanting to find some hair product that will work as well as my aveda combo… i’m wondering if i could make something w beeswax, like I did for andrew’s hair clay (which works wonderfully randomly!)

    I think we need to forgive ourselves without just completely letting go. it’s a tricky balance that I struggle with all the time.

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