Catching up

Well, my MA is now finished – WOOO HOOO!! The dissertation is completed and handed in and now all I have to do is wait and see what my results are. It has been exhausting, but a really good process and I am very pleased that I was able to do the course.

My next major task is finding work! I have several projects coming up over the next few months, but I could do with a few more, or some part time work or something to supplement it. It is difficult for me to commit to anything as my work is quite sporadic at the moment, so all in all, it is a time of uncertainty. I don’t like uncertainty, I am a control freak!

So, I am learning to live with that without being a grouch all of the time!

On the other hand, I am heading slightly back towards the green direction, I have gone no poo again, and so far my hair seems to be behaving itself. Even though I am washing at least once a day because of all of the exercise that I do, in addition I am swimming (although to be fair, not quite as much as usual), and it seems to be fine. I am having to do my mayonnaise hair treatment at once a fortnight, whereas before it was only once a month. I suspect this is due to how much it is being washed. Last time I went no poo I was only washing once a week.

I have also made some other green beauty treatments, which are really simple and I will tell you about that on another day!



One thought on “Catching up

  1. verdant1 says:

    Congratulations – woohoo!! Been there, done that and do know just how good it feels to hand that sucker in!
    Well done – it’s a huge effort. Just completing a dissertation is a big achievement, never mind the grade.
    Well done, too that you’re heading back to the green 🙂 I’m picking you’ll feel much happier in yourself as a result, even if it is a constant battle against the marketing monsters.
    (BTW if you ever want a good laugh, I’ll send you some extracts of my external examiner’s report and the internal examiner’s report on his report – not that it seemed so funny at the time…)

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