Mindfulness is spreading

I was really pleased to see this article in the FT it means that mindfulness and meditation is becoming a little more mainstream and not considered so weird.

I have written about mindfulness and meditation here, here, and here  to name but a few places, so hopefully you know how important it is to me.

I have found that meditation is one of my key three legs on my stool of balance. (I may have made that up). For me these are meditation, exercise and healthy eating. Generally speaking if I keep these balanced I am well. That’s not always true, sometimes depression sneaks up and gently pushes the stool over until it topples over, a gradual process, until you are on the floor. But generally, the three legs of my life keep me balanced.

One of the main people featured in the article went on a retreat with Jon Kabat-Zinn. I am so jealous – I love his work – I have recommended his book The Mindful Way Through Depression to so many people.

The article is very positive of meditation, yoga and mindfulness as a whole, maybe this will encourage more companies to introduce this to their employees.


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