Barefaced Truth

I read a lot of blogs, many of them, I have gone on a big cull recently and seriously cut down. Why? Well, partly because of time and because it doesn’t help me to get things done, but also for the most part they make me feel inferior.

My house isn’t as nice as theirs – it does’t help that the majority of people I read live in the USA and their houses are SO MUCH BIGGER than English houses. Compared to the English it seems to me that the average American lives in a house roughly ten times bigger.

I’m not as creative, not as healthy, not as spiritual, not as green, not as frugal..

I don’t try to keep up with the Jones financially, but I do try to keep up with the Bloggses. Which is ridiculous, how can any of us compare ourselves to each other. We didn’t start in the same place, travel down the same road, or have the same circumstances now

On top of this I think that many people just post about the great things in their life, which is completely understandable – who wants to air their dirty laundry in public? But, it does make it harder, this seems to be especially true on Facebook.

So, I try not to big up my life. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to be writing about every rubbish day that I have, because who wants to read that? But at the same time I can write about some difficulties, the craft projects that are a complete mess, the spiritual difficulties and things which relate to me personally. In other words be truthful.

What about you? How do you find blogland? Difficult to face sometimes?


4 thoughts on “Barefaced Truth

  1. Victoria says:

    And the perfect families – the children who are always beautifully dressed (in clothes made by their crafty mother), neat & clean, well behaved, never quarrelling with their siblings, never throwing tantrums.

    All very hard to look up to & completely unrealistic. It doesn’t help to tell myself that they are only presenting the good parts & not showing the realistic parts. I’ve found it’s better to just not read those blogs anymore & stop feeling like such a failure.

  2. Deb says:

    I so agree with you about Facebook. Many is the time Ive discovered that there is a big difference between what my real friends post in the semi public zone of their wal and what they will tell you over a coffee, and of course I’m the same. I have to conciously remember that when Im reading about everyones great families, perfect relationships, great friends and so on. Reminds me of the adage “never compare someones outside with your inside). I have less trouble with blogs now that Ive carefully edited out the “Pioneer Woman” type blogs off my roll as they simply arent authenic (google fake pioneer woman – youll enjoy it!). Consuming all this airbrushed reality in the media is NOT a recipe for happiness… I love the ring of authenticity, so bring it on!

    • I completely agree. I do think we have to judge which ones help and support us and which just make us feel rubbish.

      I also think we occasionally have the responsibility to show that we do mess up, and I do think this is possible without airing the dirty laundry.

      THanks for sharing Deb!

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