Bleugh! This is the worst year for hayfever I have ever encountered I have to say. I wake up sneezing and coughing, throughout the day and into the evening.

Apparently it is because of our late spring all of the pollen is being released at once – I am allergic to pretty much all of the different types of pollen.

I sneeze a lot and my nose is red, my eyes  bloodshot and the back of my throat is really sore. My asthma is quite bad too, I am struggling to breathe on some days and I use my reliever inhaler a few times a day on the worst days. This is really unusual for me, although I am on quite high levels of asthma drugs it is well controlled and I don’t really use my blue inhaler, except as a preventative before I exercise, and even then it is only running or outdoor swimming.

I went camping on holiday a couple of weeks ago and I took so many hankies with me it was amusing. Also, my dog seems to like grabbing the hanky and running away with it. Disgusting and we are not quite sure why he likes doing it, but boy it is annoying!

Is any one else being dramatically affected by the hayfever this year? What are you doing to counter-act it? I am thinking of buying a neti pot…has anyone else used one for allergies –  if so, how did you get on with it?

**I know this is a little lighter than my last few posts have been, but I think I over did the seriousness and scared myself off a bit! So, I m going to try to get into a regular rhythm of posting a couple of times a week -we shall see how that goes!!***


2 thoughts on “Hayfever

  1. Pranic Roger says:

    Neti pots are great for cleansing sinuses, infections from allergies, food or environmental, bacteria, viruses which one picks up in crowds and polluted or unhygienic environments. My wife and I have been using Neti pot for years, she had been suffering from sinus issues and sore throats for many years. Since using neti pot she has eliminated incidence of sore throats and colds. I haven’t had a cold for years. Sometimes when I get a sinus headache in the morning the use of Neti pot makes it disappear within ten minutes. We both highly recommend it’s use and recommended by our friend who is a physician.

    • Since I posted I have bought a Neti pot. It has helped my Bay fever so much and it is really quite refreshing to use. I even use it when I just feel a little bunged up and it really does help!

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