Not spending

I have decided to set myself a little challenge for July.

I am not going to buy any ‘thing’. Ok, well what do I mean by that specific phrasing…. well I am not going to buy something which is physical and will stay in the house for a while.

So things I can buy:

  • food
  • medication
  • both for humans and the dog
  • experiences (dinner with friends, theatre tickets, massage etc.)
  • presents – I think I have got everything I need, but just in case….

Things I can’t buy:

  • clothes
  • beauty products (unless my toothbrush spontaneously breaks)
  • stuff for projects (eg more craft stuff)
  • electronic versions of what would have been stuff a few years ago (ebooks and mp3s)
  • magazines
  • things!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I buy a huge amount of stuff, especially clothes, but none the less I want to do this.Why am I doing this? Well, for the most part the answer is three fold

1) simplicity

Because I haven’t been writing much recently I haven’t been talking about this, but I am trying to simplify my life in many ways, but especially with regards to the amount of stuff I have. I have given away an awful lot to the charity shops, I am selling things on Amazon and eBay, things I no longer need or want. I am also simplifying in other ways, but I will leave that for another post. Having less stuff means there is less to clean, to mend and to look at.

2) financial

I don’t know about you, but it is very easy to have money fritter away out of my account and not really be able to say what I have spent it on. This is particularly the case with online shopping, there is a delay between spending and having and I think this does things to our mind. eBooks are a particular issue at the moment, I used to be really good and get everything from the library, but I have been ordering and reading a lot of spiritual books at the moment and because they are ethereal it is easy to order and lot and not realise it. I have always bought a lot of books, but at least when they were physical I could see what I was doing! I do read at a very quick pace and it is very, very easy for me to get through 2-3 books a week. I kid you not. I do re-read my books, but still. I have gotten carried away over the past month, especially as I had a holiday and so I got 7 books for holiday reading and I did read them all in a week.

3) environmental

There is no getting away from the fact that everything we buy has an environmental cost attached to it, it will come packaged, especially when we buy from the internet, the chances are it is made with plastic, or in a damaging way. I am currently evaluating my life to see how I can make it less damaging, but in the West we are taking a lot more from the earth.

So, there you go, my little challenge for the month. I am not sure how I am going to document it at the moment, whether I capture everything I want to buy and write it down here, or if I just keep resolute and that would make it worse. I will keep you informed none the less.

Does any one want to join me in this?



3 thoughts on “Not spending

  1. A very noble goal indeed. It really isn’t that difficult to pare down when you put your mind to it. You suddenly realize that you didn’t really need so much “stuff” after all. I personally am not a big shopper, but I do love a good treasure hunt through a thrift/vintage store every so often, but I try only to purchase things that will be useful or educational, and when we’re through with the item (if it’s still in good condition) we donate it back to a different thrift store. And your right when you say there is less to clean, and that is very liberating! 😉

    • Hi Michelle

      I wouldn’t classify myself as a big spender either, but I have realised that more and more money is leaving my account all the time, so I think by taking this step it will allow me to see where it is all going and how much of it I don’t need!

  2. […] I was doing really well on the no spending front (See here for the start, here for more, and here for an update), admittedly not having any cards for four days helped, but […]

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