Amazing Biz Life Academy

I have taken the plunge into doing something different on this blog – I have put an affiliate link on  for the Amazing Biz Life Academy. I thought long and hard about doing this, but this really is something I believe in.

This is the Amazing Biz Life Academy and I have been part of it for just over a year now. I don’t post often, but I do read all of the post and I have done the 2013 creative your incredible life year workbook and really enjoyed the process and it is making a big difference to my life now as well. I am now sat here looking at my large inspiration board for the year. I use a whiteboard so I can change it regularly, but it is keeping me focused on my goals.

I have to admit, I find Leonie rather over the top for me sometimes and sometimes really rather cheesy, and yet! I still keep going back for more and reading what she says and letting it sink in.

As you know I am now self employed and I have found the advice invaluable in maintaining a work life balance, although I am still a bit too heavily in work for my liking, but I am working on that! I am going to do the business goddess course when it next launches to help me to develop my business more.

I also like her approach to work and spirituality and how the two blend together so well. I still keep mine relatively separate, there are no links between this and my work website for example. That may change as I become more confident in myself and my work.

So, there you go, I have added an affiliate link on my site, but it is honestly one that I believe in and you will not see me adding loads of advertising to things I do not believe in. For now this is the only thing!

I am thinking of self hosting this blog, which will mean the url will change, what do you think?



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