Being in nature

Being out in nature has always been important to me and I was lucky enough to spend the majority of my childhood in the countryside, where I had dogs and a horse and lots of space to run around in. There were deep woods nearby and I would spend an awful lot of time outside.

Most of my adult life has been lived in towns and London too. I miss the green and the rustle of the trees a great deal. I have always found a way to get out side, but there is always something more important to do, things I should be doing than making the time to do this vital part of my life.
When I was with a Druid grove we always did a ritual in the woods each month, it was wonderful spending time at night in the woods, it reminded me a lot of my childhood, where I could often be found sat in a tree talking to it!

Where I live now is an industrial area, or at least it was, the industry has declined a great deal and is continuing to do so. I live at the working end of the Thames, so there are big docks, and the shipping containers, freight trains and heavy lorries associated with that.

There is beautiful areas around us, not too far away at all, but there is always a reason not to go, things which need to be done.
This was one of my primary motivations for getting a dog. So that I had to go outside with him three times a day. I have discovered what I thought was a small park is actually relatively big, you can get out of the back of it and down to rough wild land, which goes alongside a river. Now, I am not going to volunteer to swim in that river, nor am I going to let Buster do so either, but it is still a river we can walk alongside.

We are also exploring all the other area near us, some of which I didn’t know about until I talked to other dog owners in the area!

I feel spiritually nourished by spending so much time outside, especially combined with smiling at Buster’s antics. My husband didn’t really want a dog as he is not keen on them, but he agreed as he knew how important it was to me to have a dog and to be outside. A true act of love.

Buster also means that I have to take breaks from working at regular intervals and also not book too many meetings in a day as I have to be home to take care of him. These are valuable lessons that I need to learn and he is helping so much. I had forgotten how much I need to be outside in nature and how it feeds me, Buster has helped me to remember that and I am looking forward to observing the nature in my area as it changes through the seasons


One thought on “Being in nature

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