Not spending is easy!

Wow, you must be thinking-  she must be doing so well and reached a new level of enlightenment about stuff and consumerism.

Ah! No!

My wallet has been lost!

So, it has become very very easy, very quickly.

Sometimes life does these things to you. Luckily I travel light, so it only had my business card, personal card, and house card in it and about £10 so it is not the end of the world. The wallet itself was a pretty, small camera case which had a karabina clip on it which was useful, so not very expensive. It also had my homemade lip balm in it too, it was practically empty, but was just about to refill it.

Oh well – c’est la vie.


2 thoughts on “Not spending is easy!

  1. […] I was doing really well on the no spending front (See here for the start, here for more, and here for an update), admittedly not having any cards for four days helped, but even so I was pleased, managing not to […]

  2. […] to be more mindful and in the moment. I am getting better at letting the little things go. When I lost my wallet I just let it go without berating myself. When Buster chewed my glasses I just let it go without […]

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