Religion in a box

On Monday I went to hospital for a minor procedure and the nurse who was filling in the form asked me for my Religion. My husband and I laughed and said, that is a very interesting question. As the poor nurse was trying to get my forms filled in so they could do this work I didn’t immediately launch into an hour long discussion on the topic. So we ended up putting down ‘no religion’.

That felt so, so wrong to me, but seen as though shortly afterwards I fainted, it wasn’t the biggest concern there and then – I am really rubbish in hospitals.

But thinking back I don’t know what I should have said. In the past it has been so clear cut and now…..well, its just not. See here and here for more details.

I guess there are terms, which suit – kind of- but five minutes on wikipedia unleashes a whole raft of terms, all of which seem quite cold and clinical and not quite right.

So, I guess for now I remain a Jen-ist (spiritual, buddhist, god/ess is all around/in, animistic-y and a few other things), but the hospital forms don’t have that as a box they can tick…….


6 thoughts on “Religion in a box

  1. Ms. Roberts says:

    Spirituality is never clear-cut. I am a Neopagan turned Atheist but I am still very spiritual person.

  2. EcoYogini says:

    i find it weird that they asked you that at a hospital. is it in “worse case scenario”? I mean, what purpose does that serve?

    (also, yes, it isn’t “in a box” for sure!)

    • It is standard in hospitals to ask the question even for things like X-rays. I guess it is worse case, but also things like food and how they do the examinations for example for Muslim women.

      In the past I have always replied ‘Pagan’ but now it just doesn’t feel right.

  3. […] it through with Gavin already. What does worry me is the religion in a box – which I have posted about before. What do I say when people ask – especially in hospitals, which look like they are becoming […]

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