School holiday woods activities

It is the summer holidays now and all of the woods, nature parks and everything else in the area is running school activities.

I love spotting the remains of these as I walk around the woods, natural ones (such as dens) stay up for a long time and they really make me smile.

My favourite woods in the area are Thorndon Woods, managed by Essex Wildlife Trust. It is in two parts – north and south and they really feel quite different. The north side is more wooded and the visitor centre is there, so it is very popular. In fact both parts are, on their Facebook feed at the weekends they quite often post not to come up as the car parks are full.

I have started to get cunning and tend to go first thing or early evening to avoid all the people. I like being alone in the woods with Buster.

As I said the activities have started up and this week I came across these two things pinned to trees.

Who lives in a house like this?


What school?

What school?

These too make me smile. I love the idea that the kids are encouraged to go exploring through the woods and I know that the rangers tidy everything up at the end of the day.

Thorndon holds a series of special surprises as you walk around and I love them, I am currently trying to photograph them all and I will share them with you when I do.


2 thoughts on “School holiday woods activities

  1. armaitus says:

    I get a similar sense of wonder at the various woodland Scout sites that are used to run LRP events in the UK.

    As much effort as we put in to tidy up after an event there is always some nugget left behind for the next event run there. These are almost always misidentified as being relevant to the game, despite the organisers being oblivious to their presence.

    A couple of weeks ago we were at “Fox Covets” near Leicester and found a long abandoned bivouac (must have been bandits scouting out the manor) and a giant luminous yellow golf ball (a lizard kin’s lucky magic ball).

    Many years ago we were at a a site in south-west Wales called Candlestone. The event was based in an Elvish forest that had been infested with vampiric orcs and trolls.

    It was one of the first I played as the character I play now and is remembered as one of the best events run for a long time. The organisers (It’s a Trap – the people behind the steampunk movies named “Arms Race”) had put great effort into creating “vampire nests” – claustrophobic tunnels where the monster crew lay in wait for unsuspecting players.

    As a scout/tracker type character I did a fair bit of snooping around the woodland and came across a LARP-Safe (meaning that it’s made of foam and latex) wooden stake. I checked with the organisers (thinking it was a cunning clue… the organisers were that level of detailed and cunning) but they hadn’t planted it.

    That wooden stake has stayed with me ever since 🙂

  2. […] had been for an hour bike ride and then taken Buster for a  nice long walk through Thorndon woods  on Saturday, he immediately fell asleep on the floor and I decided to have a little nap. I got […]

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