No spending summary

Well I was doing really well on the no spending front (See here for the start, here for more, and here for an update), admittedly not having any cards for four days helped, but even so I was pleased, managing not to spend anything other than food, experiences and medicines.   Until Saturday.

I had been for an hour bike ride and then taken Buster for a  nice long walk through Thorndon woods  on Saturday, he immediately fell asleep on the floor and I decided to have a little nap. I got woken up by Gavin shouting BAD DOG, BAD BUSTER! This is not a pleasant way to wake up.

What I discovered was this…

photo (3)

Yes, those are my glasses, absolutely decimated…

photo (4)

They were so bent that even putting them on for a short time made me feel sick, not to mention one side was missing. I don’t have a spare pair and I am am very short sighted, I do have contact lenses, but I can’t wear them at the computer. So I had to go and buy some new glasses immediately. They are not cheap, mainly due to how short sighted I am.

We are going to try to claim on the household insurance, but none the less I had to spend the money. I don’t consider this a failure, as this is life and life gets in the way of the best laid plans!

But then the not spending was broken and I saw that the cycling team I support had 25% off of their jerseys and I have wanted one since Christmas. So I ordered that as well. This is very typical of me – I am an abstainer, I can not do things or do things, but I do struggle with moderation a great deal. I caught myself at this point and then carried on not spending.

I have learnt a great deal this month, it is really easy to fritter away money on nothing in particular, crap that we want NOW, but doesn’t add any value to our life. I would like to think that I will be able to keep this lesson learned and try to catch myself doing this more and more. I am certainly going to try.


One thought on “No spending summary

  1. […] letting the little things go. When I lost my wallet I just let it go without berating myself. When Buster chewed my glasses I just let it go without beating myself up. In the past this isn’t how it would have been. I […]

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