I have been on holiday for two whole weeks – I even managed not to turn my computer on for any of that time, which is a minor miracle in and of itself.
I believe it is really important to have down time, away from the computer and the relentless bombardment of information we suffer from. For one of the weeks I was in a cottage in Somerset and there was hardly a mobile signal, let alone a 3G one, which means no facebook, emails etc.
What bliss!
It really was wonderful. When I came back and had a week at home I continued not to check in so often and I felt great.
Also, for possibly the first time in my life, I learned to relax. I know, this is hardly an amazing feat of skills and daring, and yet for me, this is a major, major skill to have learned. It helped that before I went on holiday I badly twisted my ankle, which meant that I had to use a walking stick and not rush around as much as usual. I think this was actually a great thing to have happened to me. I normally spend holidays running around at my normal pace, much to the annoyance of my husband. I spent time sitting in baths, listening to audio books (I am beginning to really love Audiobooks by the way), lying on the sofa, sitting around and not even doing anything.
And, even better, this is continuing now that I am working again. The other day I took my dog to a lake and sat on the shore and watched him jump in and out of the water. I just watched him and laughed and fussed him when he came back to me etc. I wasn’t thinking about all that I had to do, or should be doing.
I feel great. For the first time in as long as I can remember I feel well and healthy, I don’t feel exhausted and drained, like I am just coming down with a major cold or getting over one.
I think this minor epiphany on holiday has come about as a result of meditating daily for a LONG period of time now, learning to be more mindful and in the moment.
I am getting better at letting the little things go. When I lost my wallet I just let it go without berating myself. When Buster chewed my glasses I just let it go without beating myself up. In the past this isn’t how it would have been. I would have beat myself up and gone over and over how I could have done it differently. I really think this change has come about because of the MBCT course I did, as well as daily meditation practice, not to mention learning to let go a bit about work.
Time away from the computer and phone is increasingly important to me – having Buster means I have to spend time in the woods with him, on my own and not be answering emails/facebook etc. I am going to try to find more pockets of time away from the computer to help me stay relaxed and healthy.

2 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. I’m seriously impressed with your achievement of being on holiday for two whole weeks and not turning on your computer in that time! I’m not sure if I could manage that myself. I certainly agree about the constant bombardment of information and it is detrimental to our abilities to live as spiritual and creative beings. Maybe I’ll try and turn my computer off before dinner this evening … well, it would be a start 🙂

    • Thanks Goddess Pearl! I am back on the computer n ow and I will admit to having my iphone and ipad, but there really is something about not sitting at a desk at a computer. This is made worse for me as I am self employed, so sitting at my computer is work mode!

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