The Others

I write this after gorging on others…. others’ blogs, lives and stories.

I struggle with reading and thinking but I should be doing this I want to be doing that. My life should be more like this or better like that.

My husband despairs every time I get a new book which is self improvement. If I am reading on my Kindle he asks me what it is and then rolls his eyes if it is a self help.

They never make me better of course. Or help me realise what my life’s SOUL purpose is and how I can achieve it in 10, slightly challenging, but you know ACHIEVABLE steps.

So, I think I will not read them any more, or sign up to any online courses, or download people’s £/$5 ebooks on HOW TO….(make your life better than it is).

I think his eye rolling is right and I am not going to go down there any more, nor waste hours on life hacker, miss minimalist, or anyone else. Reading is going to be factual books, Buddhist/Quaker books, fiction books, history books any book other than self help.


except it isn’t entirely is it, they are terribly cunning and addictive. But I will make the effort, I have made a commitment and I will do my best to stave off those cravings and spend my time in better ways.


One thought on “The Others

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