7Ps and the preparation of greening

When I worked in business as the Marketing Manager for a business to business company I was part of the sales team. This was difficult for me, because of the inherent clashes of personalities of those I was working with and me. Not to mention how I found it increasingly difficult to work in a way which didn’t match with my values.

One thing I remember is the Sales Director and his 7Ps sign. He even got it made as a wall board, branded and in company colours. Well, he asked me to do it anyway. It said this:


(Note to Americans and possibly other, piss in this case doesn’t mean angry. Piss means shit. For example – a ‘piss artist’ is someone who takes the micky and does a crap job, ‘taking the piss’ is someone mocking you or taking advantage, ‘on the piss’ is going out and getting drunk. ‘Pissed’ means drunk. End of the English slang lesson!).

This has been going through my head as I am renewing my commitment to head back to doing things in a greener manner than I have been. However, convenience rules at times.

I had planned to use my own cleaners when I ran out, but the last two times, rather than making some, I ordered some as it is quicker and easier. Same with shampoo/conditioner.

So, as I am only half way through my cleanser and moisturiser I have made my own and I am now testing it out, while continuing to use my shop bought (ethical, green, but still very packaged, more chemicals than I would use and very expensive) one.

This means I am happy when I run out to switch to using mine. In fact I like mine so much that I am going to have to make another batch as I am getting through it because I keep using it.

I am also going to mix up some bicarbonate of soda and some vinegar hair rinse as I start preparing to think about going back to no poo. You can read about my previous attempts at this here and here.

So, I think I am putting in the proper preparation in order to prevent piss poor performance in gradually going back to a greener life. Hopefully this will stand me in good stead.


One thought on “7Ps and the preparation of greening

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