One Product

As part of continuing to simplify my life, have less things and to make life easier I have created a beauty product which has many uses.

Now, I would love to say that this was intentional, but actually it was the result of playing around when making a lip balm and realising that actually I was using it for various things other than a lip balm.

Because part of the recipe is making my own oil, which consists of calandular, St John’s Wort, chamomile, lavender and rose it is really good for healing skin.

So, this is what I use my little product for – although it is important to note that the quantity used is key, otherwise a small grease slick ensues which is horrible for all concerned:

* cleanser
* moisturiser
* lip balm
* sore nose balm
* first aid for small cuts and grazes ec
* hair tamer (REALLY important to only use a little bit at a time!!)
* Hand cream

I am also wondering if it would be good for protecting my leather shoes.

So there you go, one product to serve them all!


3 thoughts on “One Product

  1. EcoYogini says:

    haha this is awesome!
    Sadly I LOVE havingn a plethora of beauty products, but over the years I HAVE scaled down on the numbers. my oils definitely have functioned as a cleanser and moisturizer all in one. which is a step 🙂

    • my idea for using my balm as an all in one was promoted by trying the oil cleansing method, which quite frankly is too messy for me!

      I am trying yo slim everything down right now, including my beauty routine!

  2. […] mentioned in the 7ps post LINK and the one product post that I was going back to making my own […]

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