Beauty mishap

I mentioned in the 7ps post and the one product post that I was going back to making my own cleanser/moisturiser.

I have been happy with my recipe for a while now, since I accidentally made it when I was messing around with making a lip balm as presents a couple of years ago.

I really love honey, and I use beautiful raw honey from a local supplier when I am cooking or in my morning porridge. I have even washed my face with honey for a period, but I found it far too messy to do on a regular basis, particularly first thing in the morning when I am still half asleep.

So, when I needed to make up a new batch of my beauty product I thought I would experiment a bit and try to add some honey.

2013-11-04 10.59.08

This is a Marks and Spencer’s mint tin. The mints are lovely, but I can no longer eat them as they contain gelatine. I am very disappointed by this. But when I was talking to Gavin about what I could put my product in he suggested one of these. I quite like it.

The quantity in the tin is the whole batch, as you can see if I am just making for myself I only make a small amount, so that it never gets very old. So, adding a whole teaspoon of honey to this batch is possibly not the best idea in the world.

hmmm. not quite what I intended

hmmm. not quite what I intended

Mmmm, yummy I can’t wait to smear that into my face!

As you can see it hasn’t set and has separated. I was pondering this and chatting to Gavin about it and he quite rightly pointed out that honey is essentially sugar and water, so the heating process will have separated it further.

Oh yes!

So, I am going to make a much tiny batch, with a smaller percentage of honey and see if heating the honey for longer helps at all. We shall see.


2 thoughts on “Beauty mishap

  1. EcoYogini says:

    that totally happened to me when i added honey to lip balm!!! good luck and keep us posted for the next batch 🙂

  2. phew, not just me then!

    I will make my christmas presents then will experiement in the new year. One of my soaps has gone horribly wrong to – to be shared very soon!

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