Belhus Beanpoles

I do like adventuring around my local woods with Buster. Indeed if I don’t take him out for long walks he quickly finds ways to create havoc in the house. To be honest this is one reason why I chose a Springer Spaniel, I have no choice in the matter, I have to go out for walks with him, regardless of the weather.

I am trying to extend off of the normal beaten path, as well as gently building up my stamina as I try to heal from damaging my knee, I suspect I did that while training for a marathon at the start of the year.

While wandering around Belhus Chase, I came across this sign.

2013-11-23 15.39.47
How fabulous! It is using the local woods, at the same time as making the woods more accesible to people and reaching out to them. Bamboo is horrible to have on allotments, you can quite easily end up with splinters from it as it rots or breaks. And they are nasty splinters too. Hazel is much, much nicer and practically zero travel miles!

Using local wood is a wonderful thing and this sort of enterprise from our local woods should be encouraged.


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