Porridge Cakes

I have porridge most mornings and no matter how much I make there is always some left over. I felt very guilty about throwing this away and I started to think that it is essentially oats, which is what is in flapjacks, so there must be a way I can do something with it!

After Googling around I found a recipie which used up my cooked porridge.

mmm, yummy cooked porridge in a bowl!

mmm, yummy cooked porridge in a bowl!

I have to say that I am very taken with the American cup measurement and I use them all the time now, so much less hassle than weighing things out. It also means you end up with the same ratio time and time again. So when I am making my morning poridge I use a 1:3 ratio of porridge to liquid (water and almond milk). It means it is consitsntaly good.

As you can see when they came out they looked really rather anemic.

2013-11-03 11.10.08

hmmm, not so yummy!

 They pretty much taste as you would expect them to – and the texture is a bit weird, very much like cooked, cold porridge.

Next time I am going to try more sugar, self raising flour and maybe some more fruit. I am not going to share the original recipe as I made such a bad job of it and to be honest that was probably me messing around with their recipe. I will let you know when I am successful!

I am still eating my porridge cakes, it is just I put a dollop on jam on the top, which does of course lessen the healthiness!


It was about 3 weeks ago that I wrote this post (I tend to sit and write a lot of posts in one go and then add in timely ones as I feel like it). I forgot about the cakes. I remembered the cakes and opened the tin. A thin, fine cloud of mould dust greeted me. Even typing this is making me gag slightly. I washed everything very well and was surprised when I didn’t get ill.

It has somewhat put me off of repeating the project I have to say!


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