Ode to my jeans

Oh! Jeans, you who swathe my legs on a daily basis,
My go to item of clothing for all occasions,
Including the theatre and opera.
And now you are gone.

Oh! Jeans. My reliable friend
Ethically made, and responsible,
Always relied upon to make me feel good.
And now you are gone.

Oh! Jeans. Why is it you can’t
Tell if you fit until you have
Had them three weeks.
And now you have gone.

Oh! Jeans. You have been worn most
Days for 5 years and now you are worn
Through crotch and bum, beyond repair.
And now you are gone.

I know, silly really, to write an ode to my jeans. Especially such a ghastly example of poetry (although it sounds rather comical out loud). But I have had them for over five years and pretty much worn them nearly every day, and since I have become self employed, almost all day too. And they have worn thin around the crotch, thigh and bum area to the extent that is it fraying, has holes and there will be more soon.

They are from Howies, and they were ethically made, as well as being low polluting and organic cotton. They were stretchy and started off as dark demin, but over the years have faded out to light. Admitedly, some of the fading included dying my purple trainers blue, rubbing onto my husband’s car seat and his hands where he would rest them on my thigh when watching tv or at the cinema. That didn’t go down too well.

But none the less, a go to pair of jeans which sat at the right hight, so as not to have my belly pob over the top, or to be so high as to be unflattering. And of course the biggest problem with jeans is you can’t really tell if they fit until you have had them about three weeks and they have broken in a little. This is what makes buying jeans so damn difficult.

But, it looks like I will have to go jean shopping soon enough. When Howies release their next lot of jeans I will buy a pair. The other problem is they don’t seem to make that many in my size, so I have to order as soon as they become available, otherwise I miss out.

Ah well, I know it is slightly daft to have an ode and an entire blog post dedicated to my dead jeans, but there you go! Did you know that they are good to put on your compost – not all at once, but cut up and layered between wetter layers. I will be doing this with my jeans.

I have started to post three times a week now, as I feel I have so much to say at the moment. This may change in the future, but for now I am going to give it a go!


One thought on “Ode to my jeans

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