The Metta Bhavana

My Buddhist community Triratna  practices two meditation practices, the mindfulness of breathing and the Metta Bhavana.

The original name of this practice is metta bhavana, which comes from the Pali language. Metta means ‘love’ (in a non-romantic sense), friendliness, or kindness: hence ‘loving-kindness’ for short. It is an emotion, something you feel in your heart. Bhavana means development or cultivation.

A full explanation can be found here  and there is an audio guided version here.

I struggle with the metta bhavana in all honesty, much more than the mindfulness of breathing. I find it difficult to maintain focus and if it were not for the fact that in my morning meditation practice I force myself to alternate between the two I would never do it.

And of course, like all of these things, I find it to be incredibly beneficial to my life. I find I am much kinder to myself and open to other people as well. I am going to continue this post soon on the benefits of metta.


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