Becoming vegetarian

When I became a Mitra, I made a personal commitment to stop drinking alcohol and to become a vegetarian. For me, these are reflections of the two of the five precepts (training principles – ie to live by not to do perfectly), numbers one and five.

  1.  Not harming other sentient beings, but actively practising kindness.
  2. Not taking that which another is unwilling to give, but actively practising generosity.
  3. Not indulging our sexual (or other) cravings in ways that harm others or ourselves, but actively cultivating stillness, simplicity, and contentment.
  4. Not speaking falsely, but making a definite practice of honesty.
  5. Not clouding our mind with drink or drugs, but actively cultivating mindfulness and awareness.

I have been both teetotal and vegetarian during my life, in fact I didn’t drink at my wedding.

Becoming vegetarian has been made a little more difficult as I don’t eat cheese, which is what most places make vegetarian food with. Eating out, or on the move has been very difficult. I am travelling to France in a couple of weeks on business and I have resigned myself to eating nothing but bread for the time I am out there. I am going to arm myself with relevent French phrases to help myself and I am going to look up and see if there are any vegetarian resturants in Rennes. **edited to add, I have now been and will share my experience – see why I decided to up my posting to three times a week!**

As I have mentioned before, when I have been vegetarian in the past I haven’t done a particullary good job of it and I want to do better this time.

And so, I have resorted to basics. I choose two meals and then go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients for them. These are mainly from Hugh Ferneally Whittingstalls Veg book.

I am not a good or confident cook, so I can’t just look in the fridge and come up with a meal. If I have to do that I freeze and then go into a mild state of panic. I hope to get to the point where I will be able to order an organic veg box and cook with whatever turns up, but I am just not able to do that.

So for now, I take a very basic approach and I am slowly discovering recipies which I am then able to cook without thinking about it.

I have already found that my taste buds are adapting to this way of eating and changing how I view food.


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