Benefits of metta

This is part of my flurry of metta series.

One of the stages of the metta bhavana is to think of a ‘neutral’ person and to develop feelings of loving kindness towards them.

For a while I visuliased the man that runs the corner shop. I pop in there occasionally and he serves me with a smile and of course I am polite back again. But the metta bhavna has now changed that relationship. I started to smile at him when I saw him out and about. We started to nod at each other. Then I bumped into him at the chemist with his little girl and we had a chat about where he comes from, his daughter and more. Now we smile and wave when we see each other.

You have to understand, that isn’t really the sort of person I am and now every few days I get a little lift when I smile and wave at him, and I hope he feels a little happier as a result.

I also held the postman in my neutral stage of practice and now we have a chat in the mornings when he hands me a parcel and we smile and wave as we see each other out and about, as well as exchange a few words. The strange thing is I feel a slight warm feeling to all of the postmen in the area, as I associate their red uniform with my postman.

I hope that all of these postman don’t talk about that weird woman that keeps smiling at them when they get back to their headquarters. I like to think a smile makes them a little happier too.

For me, this is a direct result of my Buddhist practice having an impact on my daily life. The metta is spreading as a result of my 30 mins on my meditation mat.


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