Year Guidebooks – exciting planning times!

It is the time of year when I start to go into myself and this year I am allowing that to happen fully, for once, rather than trying to push myself to be more outward going. I am learning to work with my body and my natural tenancies, rather than fighting them, which is nice. I got a SAD light for Christmas last year from my husband and I use it every day when I sit and write my morning pages. I truly believe that this has made a difference to my winter depression. I highly recommend spending the £100 or so on getting one. If you are interested I have written about my SAD post on my other site here.

Another thing which I started to do a couple of years ago is to use a workbook to look back on the year and to look forward into the next. Last year I used the Guide Books from the Amazing Biz Life Academy, which is rather hippy, but I really do like it. I did it rather late in the year last year, but this year I am going to do it very soon. I have even treated myself to having it professionally printed and then I will put it in my A5 Filofax where I keep all of my planning and future work.

There are two versions – Biz and Life and this year I am going to get both as I want to grow both sides of myself! I am genuinely excited about starting this process.

big pic

I really do highly recommend them and although I get mine as part of my annual membership you can also buy the individual Guidebooks here.

The links in this post are affiliate posts, but I wouldn’t link to them if I didn’t believe in them. Affiliate links do not cost you anything, but I do get a small amount of money in return if you purchase anything.  

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