Eating in France

Oh dear. As I anticipated, eating in France was rather difficult as a vegetarian, further complicated by the fact that I am not far off of being vegan – not eating cheese and having very little in the way of milk or cream. I am cooking with butter, but let me tell you the Britanny folk cook with huge amounts of butter.

It also didn’t help that a lot of the meals were chosen for us, so I had to eat where other people were eating, which can complicate things a great deal.

Before I went I downloaded the Happy Cow app, which suggested some restaurants which would be suitable. What was notable was that in Rennes there wasn’t a single vegetarian restaurant, but rather restaurants which understood vegetarianism.

When I arrived in Renne on the Thursdsay, afer over ten hours of travel I had a wander around and I found that one of the recommended places was closed and the others had not opened for the day as yet. I couldn’t wait any longer as I was too tired. So I found a Greek shop, bought some wraps, hummus and falafel and that was my meal for the evening. Breakfast in the restaurant was fine, they really do have a great selection of food for breakfast in the hotel and it was worth every penny, or cent I should say.

Lunch was a restaurant chosen for us and it was crepes, which is a traditional Britanny Friday lunch. Hmm, well mine had vast amounts of very sour cream in it, which I wasn’t expecting (we had to pre order our lunch and so didn’t get to see the details) the mushrooms were fried in so much butter that I just couldn’t eat them. Luckily one of the French partners had a word with them and I had one with a fried egg and potatoes. What was interesting was it was technically a galette, which is a crepe made with buckwheat. I might try to cook one at home as it was more substantial than a normal pancake.

For my evening meal I stopped off at a bakers and bought half a baguette. It was actually rather filling and nice.

The next day lunch was in a restaurant chosen for us, and as the meeting had finished and the restaurant spelt overwhelmingly of fish (which I have always detested) I decided to venture out to find the cafe ‘Apple Pie’ which was vegetarian friendly. It was indeed very friendly and run by an Irish woman who was married to a Frenchman. I had vegetables for the first time since I arrived in France and it was lovely!

I highly recommend the app and website of Happy Cow if you go out of your area a lot to find good places to eat.

To treat myself I did buy some outrageously expensive, very very dark chocolate, which I am saving for a winter’s evening when I can sit by candle light, listen to an audio book and eat delicious chocolate!


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