Word of the year – Bimble

I hope you all had a good holiday and a belated Happy New Year. As I said I went on retreat over the christmas holidays and a lot happened there which I am in the process of writing about, but it is already several posts long and I wanted to start with a focus on the year.

I have worked through the Amazing Biz Life workbooks and I wanted to share my goals with you, mainly for accountability purposes. I have not filled these goals in properly – eg they are not all SMART – specific, measurable achievable, realistic or targeted. Some of them are more aims than goals. I have then broken these down into proper to-dos of how I am going to achieve them, but I will not share the ins and outs of them with you.

I will also share each month what my aims are for that month – not the boring things, but the things which will help me on the way. Or I may not I haven’t entirely decided as yet!

But before I move onto my goals, I want to talk about my word of the year, are you ready? It’s


Bimble? What the hell does that mean?

Well, I have always been so focused, driven and very goal orientated (hence why a lot of my goals this year are deliberately vague). I can’t just read a book on something I have to do a course – or a qualification for preference (I have done two postgraduate courses in four years). I will strive and push and punish myself.

I want this year to be different. Very different.

I want to explore my creativity side without having to produce something at the end of it which is for sale, or for a present or has a purpose. Creating for creativity’s sake. No pressure

I want to enjoy life a bit more with out looking for the next thing which I should be doing.

Even my exercise has always been highly pushed and driven.

2013 I damaged my neck and my knee. My neck has two damaged vertebrae, which can’t be changed, my knee….I don’t know yet, I am waiting to find out at the end of the month what has happened. So I can’t train for triathlon or marathons or any thing else. I am trying to look at this as a life lesson for me, that it is something which I can’t change or control, so I will just exercise in a bimbling way without strident goals.

So a year of bimbling involves meditating, creating for the sake of it, laying down and thinking, slowing down, not having to do anything, creating for the fun of it, walking at a slower pace and enjoying life.

I do seem to be unable to relax properly, so I guess this year is learning to relax and enjoy life a bit more, rather than always striving to improve.


2 thoughts on “Word of the year – Bimble

  1. armaitus says:

    My friend Charley chose to name her business Bimble when she founded it the other year šŸ™‚



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