Bimbling goals part 2

OK, so I have explained my word of the year and shared part 1 of my goals, so here are the rest


To find a women’s group
I have no idea how I am going to do this, especially  living where I do. But none the less, I think that if I continue to search for one and keep it in my mind that is what I am looking for that it might happen!

To go on retreat by myself 
I would very much like to have a retreat by myself, maybe some music, my laptop to write on BUT NO INTERNET, pens and paper and a chance to do what I want and not to have to worry about anyone else.

To be honest in my sharing
I want to be as honest as possible in my sharing of my spiritual practice and my life in general. Although I will not be going ‘warts and all’ into the details of my life I want to share my spiritual journey honestly and openly. I am sure at times this will be very difficult

To continue to develop my spirituality and its practice
oh, this is a complicated one to explain once you get past the obvious. It will be a major theme this year I can promise you!

Family & Friendships 

To hold monthly soup sojourns 
getting together with my friends can be tricky, we are all really busy, and so when we do see each other we make it a big deal, cooking elaborate food etc. I wanted to combat this by opening my house one Saturday or Sunday a month and making soup and break and going for a nice walk in the woods with my dog. If one can make it great, if three can, fab. The idea being that seeing friends doesn’t have to take hours in prep.

To have a day out with mum/dad/niece
A whole day with each of these people individually. Not sure what that will look like yet but there is time to figure that out

To have a date night with Gavin twice a month 
Not necessarily out of the house, but doing something together with intent, rather than just vegging out in front of the tv. This might be a nice meal and games or going out to the cinema.

To have an actual dinner party
With a couple/s joining us. We have only done this once in the time we have been together and we would like to invite people into our home more

To have an amazing holiday together
Not sure what this would look like at the moment, but it involves leaving England for the first time since we got married (which will be three years ago in July)

My personal goals 

to relax 
mainly by bimbling

to use all my own products 
moisturiser, going no poo etc

My massive big scary goal 

To publish some writing and get paid for it. Wow, I said it and it is out there. I want to write something and get paid for it. Just today I have pitched to join a team of writer for a big website. Eeek!

So, there we go, all of my major goals, I have stated my intent for the year and we shall see how it all goes!


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