Difficult posts

The next few posts are quite difficult to share and indeed I almost didn’t, thinking I could just gloss over, or not write for a period and pretend it didn’t all happen. However one of my spiritual goals this year is to be honest in my sharing, not least because it might help others.

You may have noticed I haven’t written about my retreat over xmas and this is because it was very difficult for me and it raised an awful lot of questions. Hell it raised an awful lot of stuff!

I wrote the posts about my retreat about a fortnight after I got back and they have sat in Evernote since then and I have been wondering if I should share them. And I have decided that I will.

As you can imagine it has triggered a lot of other questions for me and I will be exploring those in the posts which come after it.

Obviously all of this has been difficult to write about and to share and so I ask you to be kind to me and not to judge. It really does feel like I am bearing my soul here and I guess that can be a good thing, a cathartic thing, but of course it can also be a challenging thing.

In addition I have pretty much been ill for all of January, in fact since xmas eve and I am still recovering, while trying not to let work slip. The difficulty of being self employed is you can’t just take the time off and someone else will pick up the work! That is not the way it works at all. So I have tried to balance being ill with working and so I haven’t been able to process all of this as much as I wanted to.

Anyway, to stop waffling. The next few posts look like a lot has happened in a short time, and although it has, not as short a time as the posting schedule would lead you to believe!


One thought on “Difficult posts

  1. Pen Wilcock says:

    Jen – thank you so much for your comment on my blog. If you leave another comment with your email address, I won’t publish it but will send you an email, so we can correspond privately. As we live near each other, if you like we can meet up – it’s always fun meeting online friends in real life. Sorry not to send my email address in this message to make the process simpler, but I won’t know until I post it if the comment is moderated or goes public straight away. If moderated, don’t bother publishing this as it’s not of pubic interest, just a message for you. x Pen Wilcock

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