Thank you

Thank you all so much for the positive comments to my recent outpourings, it has been really great to hear such support from you all. I don’t know why I was so worried about it all.

It is hard to talk about such personal topics, I don’t know if it is being British and one generally doesn’t talk about these things, but I have struggled to share, which is why when I read back over what I have published there is quite a time lag between writing and publishing, to give me time to chicken out or to re-think what I want to say.

I try to write most mornings, although that has not been happening as late, I write in one big note, often several blog posts at once, then I separate them out and edit them at a later stage. Or delete them entirely. I like to keep the writing and editing process separate (like most people I suppose) so that I can stay in the creative zone. This does mean that the whole process slows down the time between writing and posting.

Which I do think is a good thing.

Never the less, thank you for you support and encouragement in my meanderings!



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