Lazy or genius?

Is it a really lazy thing to do to get rid of everything out of my wardrobe that isn’t black and just create a uniform of black clothes? Black trousers, black tshirt and black jacket, cardigan or jumper. With a range of colourful scarfs that I just could wear to brighten things up.

As a girl guide leader I have a uniform to wear, at least on the top half and I just wear whatever I have had on the rest of the day on the bottom. It is smart, it always looks together and I never have to think about it.

I work in schools quite a lot and sometimes look at the uniforms with envy. The kids (and their parents) don’t have to think about what they are going to wear each day, they just put on the same thing.

Although I have simplified my wardrobe a great deal (inspired by project 333), and only have a limited number of colours in my wardrobe I still have to think about what I am going to wear when I go to a meeting. It would be easy if I had a uniform that I wore when I was client facing.

But, with my limited colours and number of clothes I worry that people think I wear the same things all the time, I am sure that really no one gives a damn, but I notice what people are wearing and remember when they wear the same thing again. Of course I am not judging them, it is just that I notice and think that it really suits them and I wished that I was able to wear that sort of thing. Which I guess is a form of judgement, just positive to them and negative to me.

Of course, within that there is a whole level of worry about other people’s opinion, as well as a stress about such a minor thing. And that is what I mean, will just wearing the same thing take all of that away? Will I no longer waste brain power on such a thing?

Outside of meetings it is easy, jeans, tshirt and hoody/fleece. I only have one pair of jeans at the moment and it is actually working out, about 5 tshirts and about 4 hoody/fleece. Nearly all of my tshirts are merino or bamboo, so they are breathable and non smelly!

I have two pairs of walking trousers, it is very muddy round here and as I walk Buster everyday I need to be able to wash the thick mud off. On the top I tend to wear a tshirt/hoody which I have worn as normal clothes for a couple of days. At the moment, aside from a pair of loose trousers for yoga and my swimming kit I am not wearing any exercise clothes as I still can’t run or cycle. I just wear what ever tshirt I have been wearing to yoga.

So, would eliminating the options for work stuff away from blue, black, grey, purple and burgundy and different types of trousers/dress/skirt make life easier? I think the burgundy is going to go as it doesn’t work with purple and so I have 2 items of clothes which I can’t mix with others so well. Would 2 pairs of black trousers, 2 black long sleeve tshirts/2 black short sleeve tshirts and then a black cardigan, jacket and jumper work? Or would it be too boring? Maybe a black dress and a black skirt for variety?

I then wouldn’t need to think about fashion, new clothes (apart from when my black staples run out), or what to wear when I am heading out to a client.

I am of course, over exagerating, and I don’t think I would go this far, but it would make life so much easier!


3 thoughts on “Lazy or genius?

  1. Juds Newlife says:

    I guess it is a kind of uniform, but it is easy and I have been doing that for nearly twenty years.

    Black slacks and sleeveless shirt, topped by another shirt/jacket that is mostly nice colors. I have five slacks, three black shirts. both of which are that non-wrinkle traveler’s fabric (and that I sew myself) and maybe a dozen or so of the top shirts/jackets. I also have a lot of scarves that pull everything together.

    In the beginning everything was black, but I have come to appreciate color and the over-shirts/jackets I have now are all different colors, except for one.

    I have one pair of shoes, German kind of clog, black. Black socks. For cooler weather I have a wool shawl-type coat, and five regular shawls. No jeans, t-shirts, dresses, sweaters, fleece or hoodies. I have one purse, which is an ergonomic bag that holds tons. For at home I have day jammies, a habit that developed because until recently I have always lived with cats and it kept their hair from transferring from house clothes to what is in the closet. I have so many items because it means that, if I have to, I can go to the laundromat every two weeks, with minimal hand washing in between.

    I think that what I wear might look weird to other people, but in my work my limited wardrobe works. If it bothers family and friends, they have never said anything, and it really does not matter anyway.

  2. Pen Wilcock says:

    I think a wardrobe all one colour is a great idea. Means everything goes together and overall you need fewer things. Does black suit you? Some people look great in black, others look half dead. If you are going for all one colour, then a quiet colour that doesn’t tire you and that suits you well could be a good choice. Would you get bored with always black? Might you find it depressing? Of course, there’s more than one shade of black, so sometimes one black doesn’t go with another black. And it shows up dog hairs big time!! These are just the thoughts that go through my mind. My own clothes are mostly purple, because of the Servants With Jesus that I belong to, but for variety I have some blue and green things too. I think if I were going for just one colour and it was my own choice, I’d choose blue or green. Or brown.

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    I wear a lot of purple because I love it, and I think all in black would be rather overkill and actually depite being an ex goth it isn’t that flattering to me.

    I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and I have been working on my wardrobe since then and I am getting much happier with it.

    what doesn’t help is that as I am having knee issues I can’t exercise as much and I am putting on weight, which is making me feel even worse about my clothing situation.

    I do have lots of bags, mainly as sometimes I take a laptop and sometimes I don’t and I don’t like carrying a big empty bag around when I dont’ have it. I hate having a separate laptop bag, using a stick means two bags is just too many to deal with!

    I think I wil get there in the end!

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