Following on from my lazy or genius post I have reached a compromise and not going so far. There is a middle ground apparently. I am rather known for being binary in my thinking – I think it is a side effect of the depression – its either all or nothing.

I either write 1000 words each day or I write nothing.
I am eating really healthily, or I am eating junk.

There is a middle ground, always. I just need to remember that.

So I have simplified my work wardrobe, just not to entirely black, but everything does go together well, so I can just pick up what ever and wear it and know that it will match. I am also heading back towards trousers and shirts, just not the very formal dress shirt with a French cuff which need ironing, I hate ironing. I am much more comfortable and confident in trousers, so I don’t know why I keep thinking that I should wear dresses or skirts and then spending the day feeling uncomfortably girlie. I actually like Craghoppers shirts, they don’t need ironing, look smart and I can wear them walking if I want to. Clothes that do double duty – hell yeah!

I am going to sell lots of it on ebay and then send the rest to the charity shop. I am also not buying any more work clothes until I absolutely have to and then it needs to go with everything else. I have stayed with the colours, blue, black, purple, grey and that is it. Simple! I may add in some green if I come across something I particularly like.

I have one pair of work boots which are actually doc martens, which makes me smile, they are just not as clumpy as traditional docs. They are smart and go with everything

Well, it works for winter – I am not sure about what to wear in summer, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I am much happier about dressing in spring, autumn and winter, but summer always leaves me befuddled slightly!


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