I have decided to have a little break from this blog for a while – there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly I have limited energy at the moment and running two blogs is quite difficult. I want to focus my energies over at my main site 

Secondly my great spiritual crisis is over, well, not so much over as not a main focus in my life right now. I am happy in my own path with my own beliefs. I have stopped reading everything which is spiritually related and I am finding that has helped – not having lots of conflicting messages. What are my beliefs? Well I think the biggest one right now is being as good a person as I can be, to my moral code. I think it is is quite a stringent one and I am happy with that. Beyond that, right now, I am happy not to go any further right now.

I think at any rate.

Who knows, in a couple of weeks time this may change and I will have a great outpouring of spiritual thoughts and ideas and I will be desperate to share. But right now, I just want a bit of a break.


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