Looking after myself

Leonie is a business coach that I subscribe to (a), I have talked before about how I find her a little hippy for me sometimes, but sometimes who works for me too… I take what I need and leave the rest – I am sure she would be happy with that, especially as I keep revisiting it time and time again!

Recently she issued a post entitled Self Care Smack Down

In the past I would have answered not a thing to pretty much every stage of this! And then felt shit about it.

But with the help and encouragement of my wonderful husband and actually Leonie’s advice I am getting much better. After watching this video I listed my self care routines

Massage twice a month.

Like Leonie I would wait until my neck completely seized up, or my back solidified before I would get a massage from my amazing masseuse who always managed to get me back together again. Now I see her twice a month and it keeps my body moving and relatively pain free. As I am a stressy person, no matter what I do, this helps my stress pain points.


I have therapy every week, this is a big financial and time commitment but one which I have come to realise I need in my life. It is wonderful to be able to speak about all of the problems I am facing and everything which is going through my head in a non judgemental space. I never have to worry about boring her and talking about the same thing time and time again. She helps me reflect on patterns in my life and having that objectivity is wonderful. I highly recommend having therapy. I do try not to start sentences with ‘my therapist says….’ for fear of sounding horribly American (!)

Morning routine

I love my morning routine and I hate it when it gets disrupted, to the extent that I will go back and do it later if I have to. It involves gentle yoga, meditation, journalling, 1000 words of writing and then my Most Important Task from work. All before swtiching on the internet! It takes discipline and practice to do, but it is totally worth it.

Days off

I now have every Friday off and it feels like a complete and utter luxury. I often still do a 35 hour week just working Monday – Thursday, so having Friday is amazing. I don’t do any work stuff, but I do do other stuff. I will write more about it later.

I felt so proud of myself – I am taking care of myself and it will hopefully start to show when I get sick less and all out so burned out that I have to cancel all of my appointments and seeing all of my friends. Hurrah!


Amazing Biz Life Academy

I have taken the plunge into doing something different on this blog – I have put an affiliate link on  for the Amazing Biz Life Academy. I thought long and hard about doing this, but this really is something I believe in.

This is the Amazing Biz Life Academy and I have been part of it for just over a year now. I don’t post often, but I do read all of the post and I have done the 2013 creative your incredible life year workbook and really enjoyed the process and it is making a big difference to my life now as well. I am now sat here looking at my large inspiration board for the year. I use a whiteboard so I can change it regularly, but it is keeping me focused on my goals.

I have to admit, I find Leonie rather over the top for me sometimes and sometimes really rather cheesy, and yet! I still keep going back for more and reading what she says and letting it sink in.

As you know I am now self employed and I have found the advice invaluable in maintaining a work life balance, although I am still a bit too heavily in work for my liking, but I am working on that! I am going to do the business goddess course when it next launches to help me to develop my business more.

I also like her approach to work and spirituality and how the two blend together so well. I still keep mine relatively separate, there are no links between this and my work website for example. That may change as I become more confident in myself and my work.

So, there you go, I have added an affiliate link on my site, but it is honestly one that I believe in and you will not see me adding loads of advertising to things I do not believe in. For now this is the only thing!

I am thinking of self hosting this blog, which will mean the url will change, what do you think?